F. A. Q.

capricornica, F+++, 68mm, Trawled in 90-94 m between Frog Reef, NE Swains Reef complex, G.B.R. Queensland.

capricornica, F++/Gem, 76,3mm, trawled at 80-100m, Capricorn channel, QLD, Australia, Ex-col.A.Ivliev

hesitata hesitata, 97mm, F++, green, very rare, Pt.Stanley, Tasmania, dredged from 80m, 1980, ex-coll.F.Lorenz

hesitata hesitata, F++, the best, very good guality for this very rare size, SUPERGIANT 110mm ,Trawled in Danish seine nets in 120 fms. S.E. of Lakes Entrance, Victoria. Australia

hesitata hesitata 101mm, F+++, NEW population, Gabo Island, Lakes Entrance. Australia

hesitata hesitata, F++/Gem, 96,3mm,trawled at 45-50 fathoms, off Port Albert, South Australia, ex-col.Ivliev A.

hesitata hesitata f. howelli, Iredale 1931, Gem, 100mm, Victoria, Australia. Trawled at 140 fathoms, 60 miles S.E. of Lake Entrance in Bass Strait

Hesitata hesitata, f+++, 92mm, trawled 60-80m, east coast of Tasmania

hesitata hesitata, 97mm, trawled 120-160m, off Lakes Entrance, Vic

capricornica, 66, swain reefs, trawled in 100 Fms, between Half Moon Reefs @ Sweetlip Reefs, 1993


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